About us

Bologna Agri-food Center (CAAB SpA)

CAAB, Agri-food & Logistics Center of Bologna, is a large structure created under the banner of innovation and to give continuity to Bologna's commercial tradition.

Within CAAB is the fruit and vegetable market, of its kind one of the largest distribution facilities in Italy, as well as warehouses for refrigerated and frozen products, covered logistics platforms, offices and support facilities. CAAB is proposed not only as a modern logistics/commercial platform, but also as an advanced service center for the agribusiness sector.

NAM, New Area Market, occupies 45,000 square meters and is served by a centralized loading shed of about 4,000 square meters; also operating are 27,000 square meters of facilities for logistics, warehousing and trade services, 5,000 square meters of offices as well as a large ecological station.

The CAAB is totally energy self-sufficient; in 2012, work began on the largest rooftop photovoltaic system in Europe (CAAB 1 and CAAB 2), with 100,000 square meters of surface area and a production of 11 million KWh. With CAAB 1 and CAAB 2, the Centro Agroalimentare di Bologna sold the surface right to third-party companies for the installation of the systems prepared on the roofs of Fico Eataly World (CAAB 1) and the roofs of the New Market Area-NAM (CAAB 2), respectively. In 2019, the CAAB's photovoltaic system was integrated with an additional 15,000 panels over an area of 30,000 square meters and an increase in energy production equivalent to 3 million KWh. (CAAB 3).

CAAB Spa boasts UNI EN ISO 9001 certification on all services provided to NAM in addition to Product Certification on all goods distributed by the wholesale fruit and vegetable market.

Rimini Agri-food Center (CAAR SpA)

Agri-food Center of Rimini (CAAR Spa) is a joint-stock consortium company whose purpose is the implementation and management of the agri-food market.

The Rimini agri-food market consists of three buildings leased to commercial entrepreneurs to carry out the business of selling fruit and vegetables, fish products, and various kinds of goods (cash & carry).. The business center has over 3,000 square meters of office space, plus a series of service buildings to the main halls where some activities necessary for the market systems are located.

Operation of the center began in December 2002 for fruit and vegetables, in January/February 2003 for cash and carry, and in June of the same year for seafood. The new Rimini customs uffices have been operational since June 2005.

Parma Agri-food & Logistics Center (CAL srl)

The Parma Agri-food & Logistics Center (CAL) is the area where the activities of the fruit and vegetable market are concentrated. A brand new facility functional to the modern needs of trade and marketing, producers, large-scale distribution and retail products sales, agricultural enterprises and producers, processors, traders and consumers.

With ten thousand covered square meters, 44 stand modules equipped with a covered dock and offices with services, 14 wholesalers, an area dedicated to producers, two centralized loading heads capable of accommodating up to 50 trucks at the same time, CAL mobilizes about 550.000 quintals of products each year.

Parma's European dimension and its passion for food excellence are embodied here in a deep focus on agribusiness: the sector on which the city's vocation is based. This is why CAL focuses on certified and typical products, selected by producers who passionately curate the assortment; moreover, in the area dedicated to producers, goods are offered directly by those who grow them.

Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chain of Romagna (F.O.R. SpA)

Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chain of Romagna (F.O.R Spa) sole shareholder, is the company owned by the City of Cesena that has as its object the management of the wholesale fruit and vegetable and food market of Cesena.

Transformed into a Spa in 2018, today its mission is renewed: to manage and revitalize the market structure in order to optimize its operation and management mechanisms.

The Cesena wholesale fruit and vegetable market covers an area of about 60 thousand square meters (of which 15 thousand are covered).

Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chain of Romagna (F.O.R Spa) obtained Iso 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system in June 2019. An achievement that further qualifies the Cesena fruit and vegetable market.