Mission & Vision



The 4 Centres represent a reference point at European level for wholesale distribution in the name of quality, safety and sustainability. 

Traceability, transparency and good manufacturing practices have enabled markets to obtain food quality certifications products and safety, recognised by international bodies in terms of food safety.


The centers are perfectly connected to the regional and national road system, thanks to the proximity to the major highways 

The logistic flows are well structured and make the markets a pole of importance for the national and european agri-food distribution system.


Even a traditional sector, such as food, to better meet the needs of consumers need for innovation.  The Centres have always been attentive to the innovative processes of the agri-food sector and aim to reconcile the profound changes required in terms of environmental and social sustainability while safeguarding the profitability of producers and processors.


  • Digital development
  • Creation of logistic routes to make more agile the transfer of goods between the operators of the various regional markets.
  • Creation of reference platforms in the Middle and Far East but also in North America with a view to internationalisation
  • Promotion of common initiatives for the development of commercial promotion on foreign markets through the development of e-commerce.