Emilia Romagna Markets BUSINESS NETWORK is born.

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The agri-food centers of Parma, Bologna, Rimini and Cesena are preparing to face the great challenges of the future together. Presidents Marco Core (CAL Parma), Andrea Segrè (CAAB Bologna), Alessandro Giunchi (Sole Director of FOR Cesena) and Gianni Indino (CAAR of Rimini) signed on Friday, September 10, in Bologna the constitution of Emilia Romagna Markets BUSINESS NETWORK, a reality that will see the fruit and vegetable markets of Emilia-Romagna working together on several fronts. This concretizes a path of development and strengthening on which the four Centers have been working for some time and which, despite slowdowns due to the pandemic, has never stopped. This operation tends to develop the synergy between these great realities to the maximum, making them much stronger in the face of the challenges that await them, starting with internationalization. Together they will be able to make the most of local excellence, open new markets and connections, create joint initiatives including those against food waste, participate in calls and competitions and access credit more strongly. An important collaboration that will lead to the optimization of management costs, synergies in logistics, networking of services of excellence, in short, many opportunities to be seized together, aimed at internationalization and the constant development of regional fruit and vegetable markets strategies. The birth of the Emilia Romagna Markets BUSINESS NETWORK, a member of Italmercati, means that this new entity will become one of Italy's major hubs in the agri-food sector, a crucial and preparatory step to a hoped-for future merger of these important entities in our region.