Emilia Romagna Markets BUSINESS NETWORK at the European Parliament in Brussels

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Emilia Romagna Markets BUSINESS NETWORK participated with a large delegation in the conference "Wholesale Markets - The European Agribusiness Center" organized on September 20 by the Honorable Salvatore De Meo at the European Parliament in Brussels, the heart of the continental institution. The main objective of the event was to bring the Markets and their role in the supply chain from producer to consumer of fruit and vegetable products to the center of attention with a view to "teamwork," which is more necessary today than ever before. To this end, Fabio Massimo Pallottini and Valentino Di Pisa spoke for markets in their respective roles as presidents of ItalMercati and Fedagro Mercati, as well as WUWM Vice-President Ioannis Trianfyllis and Eurocommerce Director Christel Delberghe, and for production Luigi Scordamaglia, CEO of Filiera Italia/Coldiretti, Massimiliano Giansanti, President of Confagricoltura, and Matteo Bartolini, Vice-President of CIA. What emerged clearly and strongly is the central role at the European level of fruit and vegetable markets, a tool for connectivity between producers and consumers, capable of ensuring transparency in price formation, wholesomeness, sustainability and traceability.